I went to Hopewell. I find it to be magical, and only a short train ride away from New York, which kind of blows my mind. I daydream about the day that I can’t deal with living in a city anymore that I buy a humongous piece of land in Hopewell and live like a reclusive old hag with a bunch of Boston Terriers. That day may never come, so instead I just go take visits to see HAC, and also watch her dad spray chemicals into their pond to kill the lilly pads. Oh yeah, and Jet, the Jindo puppy that reminds me of a fox, busted in the guest room on Saturday morning while I was reading. I felt like I was on a safari/Oregon trail journey at that moment, with a wild animal intruding on my camp. I consider this dog to be much more of a “real” animal than Earnest, who I equate to a semi-self sufficient baby. Jet does do a humorous pretend biting routine in which any outstretched hand will be enveloped by his massive teeth, but he never really bites, his mouth just quivers as it’s wide open and threatening to chomp your arm off. He’s too much of a softy to really take a chunk out of anyone though.


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