Being paranormal.

Day 40: The Power of Meditation

DB and I have recently gotten onto some telepathic superhighway. A few weeks ago he was leaving for Germany, while I was en route to Brooklyn and going over the Manhattan Bridge. I had the urge to write him an email so I started as soon as the D train emerged onto the bridge. I was already writing when my phone ding-ed and it was a text from him:

“For some reason, whenever it rains in the city, it feels like the ’70s to me. Especially driving over the Triborough Bridge.”

There’s been a few more instances of texting/emailing simultaneously. Is this really a coincidence, or am I becoming psychic/clairvoyant/paranormal?

I had this really crazy dream last night, in which a friend got engaged. That part was so real I thought I was living it, but then all of a sudden I was running uphill (and quite effortlessly, actually) in a monsoon, and was having trouble maintaining an upright position. I was hiding in a very beautiful, but super dark and creepy forest, and then all of a sudden I was on the street I lived on when I was a kid, and a former co-worker and her husband were living down the street from me in my old babysitter’s house. WHHAAAAATTT. I woke up half expecting that I had a wedding to go to, and that when I go to Connecticut for my dad’s birthday next weekend that said coworker will be outside gardening. So f*cking strange. Are my dreams now also on the paranormalcy superhighway? I’m just going to start telling any friends in any relationships “hey, you’re going to get engaged!” [Something tells me this will not be a big hit with the boyfriends.]

Tonight was my grad school orientation (holy f*cks), so this dream was probably only a precursor to those showing-up-to-school naked dreams, which I will probably have all weekend, and again on Monday night. No matter how paranormal I think I’m becoming, I still can’t quite tune into a clear picture of what the faces of everyone in class will look like when I stroll in on Tuesday butt ass naked.

Photo is from that 365-day photo project I started in 2007 and never finished. I just noticed there is an empty bottle of rum behind me next to the trash can. Classy.


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