Power Hour Ep. 2

It may never get old. Did I mention cakeface is appearing this month? We are. If you have some creative juices flowing, and want to help contribute to undoubtedly the most full-of-sass Power Hour to exist thus far, check out the list below [this was actually sent by Justin so my adjustments are within the brackets]:

1.) Do you know anyone fun/famous/interesting that would be a smash hit guest…LET ME KNOW! [that’s Justin, you can also let me know, and I will pass it on]

2.) Are you on twitter? SPREAD THE WORD [I have nothing to add to this]

3.) SUBMIT A VIDEO CHALLENGE…HERE are the guidelines on what you have to include in your video!
– A drink that you want us to drink and explain why and what goes in it. [I swear to god if someone sends in a video of a Long Island Ice Tea I will kill you]
– A facebook status that we can have my intern read dramatically. (in your video you will have to include a screen capture of the facebook status)
– A product that you want us to drunkenly review. [I think this is genius]

Leave a comment, email me at pandacitis[at]gmail.com, text, call, smoke signal, leave a message or post on Facebook, or tie a note to that messenger pigeon you begged your parents for, got for Christmas, and then never used.

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