Some really great things that happened today


On my way to work this morning I passed a little little kid and his mom. The kid was wearing a school uniform and had a cowlick in the back of his head. The mom was in all black and kind of looked like she was going to punch someone.

In a shrill tone the kid goes “WHERE ARE WE GOIIIIING”
Mom: “To school.”

So shrill. He looked like an unkempt nerd. I was so thoroughly entertained.


AA sent me a link for the trailer for Like Crazy today.
She loves movies like that. I do like them too, but prefer watching them in the privacy of my own home. I maybe once confessed to her that I cried while watching “Love and Other Drugs” (and if you know me you know I hate horse mouthed Anne Hathaway who always plays the same brassy asshole in basically every film). Anyway, yeah, I watched “Love and Other Drugs” in the privacy of my own home on some Sunday night and did cry. SO WHAT. This does not make me any less of a sarcastic piece of shit just because I have emotions. AA said that everyone that saw this trailer had the same reaction. I do not feel that that’s impossible. It actually made me think of this man (boy? I was like 17 and he was 18) that I met one summer, who I was hopelessly in love with, but the stars never aligned and we never were in the same place at the same time. Neither of us were deported, however, which makes it slightly less interesting/dramatic. Anyway, I love a good tear jerker. I especially love curly hair on men, so, you know, there’s at least two reasons that I’d go see this movie.


We can thank Jeso for officially getting me hooked on Cults. SO FREAKING GOOD!

Ok, the video’s a little creepy. That’s not the real point here though.


One of the girls that works reception at Gramercy Park Animal Hospital is my new bff. I called yesterday to get paperwork for Earnest so I can register him as “NEUTERED” this year for the DOH, and she had it all ready for me today when I came in. She even remembered who I was. I love good, reliable people. There are actually not a lot of them in this world, but if there had to be one in one random place, I’m glad it was at the vet since that place smells like animals and it’s only ok to smell like that if your pet is with you, which Earnesto was not.


I had truffle oil on top of pasta for dinner.


I accidentally went to a voicemail from my birthday this morning. Overall, my birthday could have used a major overhaul. I haven’t been dwelling on it, but rather, forgetting that it ever happened. Debo had called me that day to wish me a happy birthday, and in true Debo fashion, left about a 3 minute voicemail saying hello, happy birthday, hi and kisses to E-money, etc. Even though my birthday was NOT today, it was a really good way to start the day.


I have a personal shopper. My cousin, HAC, went to Target today to check out the new Missoni line, and she said SHE GOT ME SOMETHING. She also noted that she had to hang onto it for dear life ‘cuz bitches were about to fight her. Better her than me. I could get used to this.


This actually didn’t happen today, but close enough. Advanced copy of the latest book I designed.

Please don’t let my typography teacher see it, it was before I started school (DEAR GOD). The fact that I already pinpoint things wrong with it (extenuating beyond what I had already thought was wrong with it before I started school) lets me know that dropping a few bucks on graduate school is totes worth it.


The phrase “well ____ can just suck my c*ck” has officially become my newest phrase to express displeasure. This phraseology was introduced to me while I was in Vegas, not by some foul mouthed man, but by my friend, a sweet gal with two children. She gives me hope that if I choose to have children, not only can I be hot, but that I can also keep up the amount of swearing that I am accustomed to doing now. Pretty sure she has the capability of filtering herself, which is probably the key to not having your children show up for school repeating the word “cock” to everyone.


This didn’t happen today, but it is happening this weekend. HAC are going to do this, and then we are going to Scarpetta have some wine and a $24 plate of spaghetti pomodoro. HAC and I have a great love for Italy, and if the Italian economy could provide any jobs for us, we’d both probably be there, drinking wine, riding Vespas. Well, she could ride the Vespa, I would need to sprint everywhere to ensure that I didn’t become a gigantic bowling ball full of stewed meat, pasta, and pastry.

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  1. debmlong said:

    #6 really warms my soul 🙂 And that text that followed your replay of my birthday message really brightened my day!

    I was just thinking recently how I (we) never celebrated your birthday properly. I’ve been meaning to do something about that.

    After all, my birthday gift (to myself) involved you watching a not so cheerful play in the nose-bleed section of an overcrowded theater 😉 However, my dear, I just want you to know: I love you enough that I would hurl a gallon of milk at your head (of course, if we were two fictional sassy gay men)..

    I love you.

    I hope tomorrow, this list just gets longer 🙂

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