Happy Birthday to Cap’n Cara

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To Cap’n Cara. Welcome to post-mid-20s. Enjoy.

I’m sorry I can’t be with you today to eat arepas, drink caipirinhas, and eat lots of birthday cake (that I know is probably going to be damn fucking good). I hope you have a very, very wonderful day and that maybe some other good friend can drop $350 to buy you that Polaroid camera that we both want from Photojojo. [I’ll have you know that they jacked up the price from $290 to $350 within the last week now that it’s out of stock.]

Let’s all just take a moment to thank Marcia for going into labor with you 26 years ago, though it really would have been more convenient for me had she waited another day since Thursdays are not really good days for me this semester to socialize and celebrate birthdays.


That photo was taken by Gregory. He is a scientist that publishes his data in real books, not on the internet, so I can’t link to him. I think he has a flickr page somewhere, so I will have to track it down and get back to you with it.


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