I just have to say this before I write this that I have a few Frenchies in my life who I adore, but this post is purely about the absurdity of the statement below, and how the rest of the world perceives the French as being humongous, snotty, assholes. [Now THAT, is a visual]

Anyway, I was in the elevator of my building today with a man and his school aged child. There was another woman with me too, and there are 3 doors to exit out of the building – one from the elevator, another in the foyer, and another to actually exit the building. The man let me and the other woman exit the elevator first. The kid wasn’t moving too fast, but the woman held the door for him and said “please, go first.” Then as he approached her he said “Oh no, I am French, women go first.”

Since when does saying “I am French” also imply that your manners are of the finest variety? I mostly envision France as an enormous tree-lined Parisian street where people slap each other and then storm off down the street with baguettes under their arms, so my perception has not really been that the French are known as those with the best manners. If I had to be racist and peg one culture as being very manners-oriented, it would be Chinese. Not French. Though, using your heritage as an excuse for you to do things the way you see fit? I am all about that. “I’m American” will probably go a long way for explaining why I put my elbows on the table.


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