Some of the best things in life…

Are like…

Video chatting with your busiest friend in the world at 2AM, and him playing various musical instruments while chatting. Then you both walk around your apartments giving tours. You do this by holding the laptop like a baby and pointing the camera in the vague direction of whatever it is that you’re talking about.

Video chatting at 2AM

Wait, but I also Skyped with ABK yesterday afternoon and we talked business, ballet, and Bristol. I finally pulled it together to both add her to my Skype contact list, and we managed to make enormous strides since our proclaimed Skype date back in June.

This morning I talked to Tony Coleslaw on the phone because he’s back in America! He’s been using Facebook Places to announce where he is – the last time I checked it say “Anthony Colella – at The Baltic Sea” which is not so much a bar or something as it is the actual body of water known as The Baltic Sea. While we were chatting he said “I’m turning into a bitch, Elle.” My face was full of confusion at that moment. “What? Why are you telling me that? That’s nothing new, Tony…” He is just the same, good ol’ bitchy gay man that I have embraced ever since he thought he was straight.

I love my dear friends. Video broadcasting yourself to them in their living rooms is really the best thing ever.


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