Weekend in a jiffy

My wake up alarm at 5:30 this morning was NOT a pleasant experience.

The weekend flew by. Friday night I video chatted late night with DB, Saturday morning proceeded like I hadn’t been up until 3AM playing musical instruments over the internet. Earnesto woke me up by stepping on me, and I admitted defeat sometime after 8 and got up to walk him. BUT… Saturday was the long awaited day of fun with HAC, so some green tea was the solution to feeling like I am part of a sleep deprivation study. We had delicious salty, porky, cheesy sandwiches from Eataly before heading down to Bowling Green to get our wristbands for the Guggenheim’s StillSpotting.

$10 for this tour! Which got us into some buildings we never would have gotten into otherwise… like WTC 7 (yeah, we all know about the conspiracy theory!).

We also got into the Woolworth Building lobby, and the magazine at Fort Jay. It was REALLY awesome. Did I mention there’s a soundtrack? There is. Some places it’s amplified and others you wear headphones and an iPod shuffle. It was awesome. Did I already say that? It’s running next weekend as well, so you should get your ass in gear and go. Here, I’ll say it again: IT WAS AWESOME. [There are more photos here.]

We rallied after 4 hours of wandering around lower Manhattan, and went to dinner at Scarpetta. We ordered 3 appetizers, because we like to eat, and then the busboy came to clear our dishes, and he started to take away our forks. HAC was all “ohh, we need those!” and he was all “you have another course coming?” clearly confused that we could eat more than one course. “Yeah” she said “Oh, I’m so sorry!” he said and HAC replied “It’s okay, we like to eat a lot.” HAHA. Did I mention I love her? I spent most of last week talking about how excited I was that my COUSIN was coming to town on Saturday. People kept asking, “oh, where is she coming from? When’s the last time you saw her?” expecting that I was going to say “she lives on the West Coast, and I haven’t seen her in a year.” ACTUALLY, she lives in Jersey and I saw her at the beginning of August. Well, whatever. Everyone should be so lucky to have a cousin they consider a sister, and to always be that excited to see someone. I am really lucky. Yeow.

Anyway, dinner was the shit. The service was mediocre – I definitely felt like I was there to pay them money, and not to really get much helpfulness in return. Whatever, most of my meal was spent awkwardly trying to avoid making eye contact with the guy seated at the table next to us who kept looking at HAC. I think he was in hearts, but something (like a wedding ring) tells me he was married. Anyway, the food was awesome, which is all I cared about anyway. We had grilled octopus, truffled mushroom polenta, and heirloom tomatoes with burrata as appetizers – then HAC had cavatelli with rabbit ragu, and I had spaghetti. Because… haven’t you ever seen that show “Best Thing I Ever Ate?” – well they talked about the spaghetti pomodoro for like 5 minutes on that show which I saw sometime last winter, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So I finally had it. They were right. I know, why would I order the simplest thing on the menu? Because it was THAT good.

Sunday was devoted to cakeface. We’ve got that show coming up. Please to come to see it please.

Another good weekend. BAM.


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