weekend weekend.

Friday night was Erin’s husband’s birthday. Kittehs and I went to Bobo in the West Village to drink drinks in his honor. I had a Norwegian Wood, which I couldn’t help but think was some kind of allusion to a Scandinavian hard on. No one else seemed to note this, so I did not share my insights.

Saturday I did schoolwork for 13 hours. That was fun. Then I went to see Tee Templeton at the Tea Lounge in Park Sloppy. I recorded his last song, which is “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls, but obviously has some adjustments made both in sound and because he is not an 80s hair band. [Also appears that the whole thing didn’t upload so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.] Anyway, a little promotion for my friend Tee, go to his website and listen to my favorite song, Chinese Lights. Jeso came with and said “he’s like Elliot Smith.” She also compared him to someone else, but I can’t remember now, so maybe she will read this and leave a comment (pleease?).

Sunday cakeface had one of our final rehearsals before our show next Tuesday at Dixon Place. We look amazing in our metallic vests and metallic amplifiers and our headsets. Jeso and AS said they feel like tour guides at Busch Gardens, but I actually think that I feel like I am military personnel on a headset that is communicating to the fight jet where to send the missile. Did I mention we’re wearing these shorts? So make that, sexy military missile sending personnel.

Sunday afternoon I went to see Ocean’s Kingdom, the new Martins/McCartney ballet that just premiered on Thursday. Dancers were incredible, music was beautiful, effects were badass. Costumes were kind of weird and not really that flattering, and I kind of got a lot of crotch shots. And… somewhere along the line I felt like things weren’t as smooth or seamless or innovative, or really wowing me. Sara Mearns is one fierce ass bitch though. She was all sexy and shit. If you follow dance, you’ll know Alastair had his usual commentary for us all to read and bicker over. Yeah, he was right about the plot though, it was pretty much the plot of Disney’s The Little Mermaid except there was no talking lobster, that I know of anyway.

Weekend was good. Earnest barfed bile on the couch on Friday night while I was semi-buzzed and reading the Psychology of Visual Perception at the coffee table, but he is in good spirits and ate his face off the rest of the weekend so I don’t think this isolated incident is anything to worry about. He sends his regards, and told you if you hide his bone again he’s going to leave a wet and chewed up stuffless toy on your pillow so that where you sleep it will smell like something died.


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