October in a Flash

Ok so. Yeah, it’s been a while. I originally meant to post something when I got back from Germany/France but then I figured, well, October 31st isn’t that far away so maybe I’ll just wait until then.

October’s been like this: FLASH! BAM!

Like, I blinked, and it was over.

The month started like this:

October 3 I had a presentation at school that I spent the entire weekend on. When it was all said and done I was all “oh, it’s over now?”

The day after that cakeface had our Dixon Place show where we premiered don’t call me mcneill. I had 4, 4!, friends from school come, and a slew of my other special favorites like 5 year old Riley, Jim and Eoin, and TT and MY MOM. AS had her HERE crew with her as well. It was a glorious night. cake hadn’t performed in a little bit, plus there were 2 other dancers besides AS, Jeso and I. It was invigorating. Then the kittehs and adoring fans who were ok with going out on a worknight weeknight went to Home Sweet Home and we had a dance party. Did I mention Trevortin wore neon green socks in our honor? Well, he did.

The weekend following that AS and I had our kittehs night out, where we basically just shook our heads at drunk girls and Bridge and Tunnel trash. We went to Campbell’s Apartment in Grand Central, which was a classy affair, specifically because all the waitresses have to wear pearls.

Paris to New York

Then I left for Germany. I flew from Newark to London, and after basically pushing old ladies out of the way to make my connection from Heathrow to Dusseldorf, an entire crew of German soccer players stared me down in this tiny little terminal we were all in. I stared back, and was tempted to yell “I’m half Asian! Stop staring at me!” but I resisted, since there were about 20 of them, and 1 of me, and you know, I just wasn’t in fighting condition after a transcontinental flight.

AA in Berlin

I was in Kempen for a few days working, then AA and I flew to Berlin.

Sunset in Kempen

We went balls to the walls for 36 hours or so, and then we flew back to Cologne and drove back to our humble abode in Kempen. We worked another 5 long days, and then took the train to Paris.

hot chocolate

We had a fantastic dinner at Le Petite Marché the first night. Then we had breakfast at Angelina the next morning. We had hot chocolate. Oh my god, we had hot chocolate and it was so good. SO. GOOD.


Saturday afternoon Eymeric “led” me around Paris. “Led” is a relative term, since in the navigational challenge, I won in orienting myself with streets and knowing where we were when we left lunch. AA had a similar experience with me, in which she couldn’t believe that I could read a map, or that I could orient myself.

Opening night of La Source

Saturday night AA and I went to opening night of the premiere of the Paris Opera Ballet’s La Source. Choreography by Jean-Guillaume Bart, music by Leo Delibes, Ludwig Minkus and costumes by Christian Lacroix. It was outstanding, even if AA and I couldn’t figure out the plotline and we were in the very middle of the very last row of the very top section of Palais Garnier.

Sunday morning, I got up at 6 and hopped in a cab to CDG, had a cup of tea and pain au chocolat, and then boarded a flight, sat next to some 20 year old who probably thought I also was 20 years old and tried to flirt with me, and then deboarded, went through customs and immigration and got in the hired car within 20 minutes. 20 minutes! From plane to car! Unreal. I landed at 11:30 and was home by 12:30. I’m being optimistic and hoping that this proves to be true the next time I fly internationally.*

I am pretty good at not having jet lag. Last Monday was a little rough mentally, but that’s because I rather would have still been in Paris, not in New York, going to work and school and going home and doing more schoolwork. The rest of the week has been “meh” but I have Earnest back in my life, and the other night he sat at the dining room table while I did my schoolwork and just watched me work. I could have stayed in Paris for another 5,000,922 days and that would have been really lovely, but it’s also really lovely to come home to a little dog that charms the shit out of you. I guess the proper improvement to this situation would be to take Earnest and move to Europe. Let me finish 42 more credits at school and then we can talk.

*That asterisk was put there to indicate that as of Sunday at 12:30AM that it was decided that my next trip to Europe will be with Jeso for her birthday in February. She thinks we’re just going to go to Paris for a long weekend. She obviously has underestimated what “balls to the walls” means to me.


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