Why did you buy more dog treats?

Do you know what these are?

Besides being a little slice of hydrogenated oil heaven, they are fudge covered animal crackers. Last time I went to Hopewell, HAC and I bought an entire barrel of them at Target. We proceeded to eat them the entire weekend. They’re like crack.

I came back to New York and refused to take any with me. HAC left them in Hopewell, and a few weeks later she gchatted me to tell me that she found her dad giving the dog some of the cookies.

The conversation was something like this:

My uncle: “Why did you buy more dog treats? There’s the whole jar on the coffee table.”
HAC: “What jar…”
My uncle: “The jar of animal cookies”
HAC: “Dad, those are not for pets, they are for humans, they are CHOCOLATE COVERED ANIMAL CRACKERS.”
My uncle: “But it says for animals?”

I still do a silent vibrating laugh whenever I think about it.

Image from Mother’s Cookies.


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