Dog Family Throw Down

I’m going to see these people this weekend. Those are some of my cousins. There are 6 of us that are all within a few years of each other. From left to right, that’s my brother Evan, cousin Sean, HAC, me, HAC’s twin brother SA, and then Ian. There are other cousins who aren’t pictured here, and come to think of it, I can’t really think of a recent occasion other than funerals in which everyone was in attendance. It’s been a few years, but I think it might happen this Christmas. I will make sure to take a picture so you can comment on how large, in charge, and cute my Asian family is.

We’re having a pre-Thanksgiving gathering in Washington D.C. this weekend since we’re not actually getting together on the holiday. Instead of the children we were supposed to make with our imaginary spouses, my cousins and I all have dogs, so instead of baby human terrors, there will be 3 dogs wrestling each other and they will all be trying to hump one another to maintain their role as the most dominant dog in the house. Considering they are all completely different breeds and have considerable variation in size, I think this will be quite entertaining and I may have to throw some money down in a betting pool on who will win.


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