My #ows analysis that basically pertains of me making random connections to things that have happened to me.

I have been keeping up with Occupy Wall Street. I don’t have many opinions on it. It is more like a cat that has not done me wrong, and doesn’t ever require me to pet it, feed it, or change it’s litter box. I’m not against it, and I guess if I had more free time in my life I might somehow participate.

However, I do have some thoughts on things I’ve seen on the internet lately.

1. OWS protesters are lazy.
Really? I was once sited as “the laziest person I know” by an unidentified friend [actually it was AS and she said it to my face]. Perhaps this statement was true, because I have a really hard time picturing myself living in a park in Lower Manhattan amongst others who would chain themselves together. I find it hard to believe that protestors who are living in tents like a shanty town while picketing and basically living like hobos with a mission for this thing that they really believe in are really that lazy. I mean, does it appear lazy that they can’t list some suggestions for improvement? Maybe. But I also understand the rationale there and can’t really argue that. I just don’t think that people who protest things could really be that lazy.

2. Obama is a puppet.
He was also not elected Jesus! JFC, people. This is unrelated to OWS, but I once shared with a group of people at dinner that I had donated to Obama in this gift matching campaign in which when you gave money, you were also given the email address of someone else in your city who had given the same amount, and then everyone at the table turned to look at me, and then I realized they were all Republicans. So awkward. Anyway, I equate the presidency as doing those football drills where you have to run through the padded dummies at full speed. I mean, there are so many hurdles, I’m kind of surprised that anything ever gets done. I could never be president. I think I would probably just get frustrated and cry all the time. And the First Gentleman would be all “oh COME ON… you’re crying AGAIN!?” Needless to say there would be many moments of eating cake in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Just like in the movies. [This definitely happened in that movie about Katie Holmes being the President’s Daughter in which she falls in love with/gets boned by one of the secret service men that she doesn’t know is secret service.] This vivid imagination got me into art school, twice. BAM.

3. Judge Rules Against Occupy Wall Street Protesters, No Tents Allowed

I like how No Tents Allowed really came into play as people are starting to get sick of Occupy Wall Street. It’s like, when you’re a kid and you’re playing a game, and one of the other asshole children suddenly decides, when it is convenient for them that “base” has changed to whatever it is that they’re standing on and the rest of you fair players are fucked. I always hated those kids.

  1. Greg Vladimer said:

    You have republican friends?

  2. Nowhere in that story did I say that the Republicans were my friends. I said “a group of people.” Vague enough for you?

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