So. Today. What did you do?

Want to know what I did?

I followed OWS updates all day. That included realizing that everyone and their mother was tweeting and blogging about Keith Gessen getting arrested. I particularly enjoyed this video clip in which the police carried him off since it looked like he was not going to be walking on his own.

I also was sort of baffled that a large percentage of my New York friends appeared completely Facebook-oblivious to what was happening not so far from any of us. I read pissy things about how the MTA can suck their cock and how their landlords are incredible douches… but really? No comment about Occupy Wall Street, on what has probably been the most intense day in the past 8 weeks? What happened to these people?

Brainwashing by insignificant things like Beyonce? Don’t worry, I got sidetracked by the I Am Here video today too.

I really want to see where this story goes. I mean, I basically waited all day for something like this to happen (not that I wished that upon a person). I hope he’s ok. I can’t tell if he looks triumphant, or in an incredible amount of pain. Maybe a little bit of both?

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You did see this, right? Please tell me why that guy is holding a puppy. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT A PUPPY IS DOING AT OWS. But still, it’s pretty friggin’ cute despite the fact that its presence confuses me.


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