Mondays are the best days to reread conversations of internet pasts.

Just a few beauties I pulled out of the archive for my own amusement this week:


In an email from AS a few years ago:

Is it ok to eat yogurt that I left out for like 10 hours?


From Flo regarding a down system:

Oh crape


This was a message from Lillian Coscia via AS:

Last night my mom called me and said – “Well. Your grandmother called me all worked up saying you and Elle are going to a matchmaker and this has escort service written all over it. What the hell is going on.”


Just a casual email between cousins:

No, do not bring me a penis tiara, it’s my bday not my bachelorette party!


I Tweeted these things:

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am pretty sure it’s only a flashlight.


My intern is full of infinite wisdom: “taylor swift doesnt deserve that Grammy or Jacob.”

(I’m pretty sure this was words of wisdom from DThom)


A Jackowitz email regarding my relationship that went in the pooper. Is it weird that I hear her voice when I get emails from her?

mazel tov/sorry about the relationship goin in the pooper but hayyyyy new york you are single again!


A cakeface related email:

AS: “this means we will be videoing rehearsal on sunday so have your game faces on, no holes in crothes etc.”

Me: “On the “fatastico” note of yesterday, did you just speak Engrish?”

AS: “i meant crotches. fucking keyboard.”


Another shiner from AS:

Single brothers?? Omigod what if we became sister-in-laws.


Maybe this post should have just been called: Tidbits from the Internet Past that all remotely have something to do with AS because we email a trillion times per week.


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