5 Awesome Things


The comment thread on this Gawker article speculating who actually shot Osama Bin Laden.


I got HAC addicted to Selena Gomez today. She couldn’t stop saying “re pea pea pea pea peat” repeatedly. There really is an algorithm for good songs but god, I really hate myself for being so in touch with my inner pre-pubescent self. WHY can I listen to this song 3 times in a row and be ok with it? It’s NOT ok, I’m a grown ass woman.


WIKIPEDIA. I looked up info on Anne Hathaway today AND about how Feta cheese is made. Where else in the world is all that information on the same site? Incredible. Yet, I still feel no one will care about this list number.


The way I keep sending close up eye photos to HAC because that’s just what we do when we Facetime. Except, this is not Facetiming, this is just me sending photo messages in the middle of the day.


Maurice Catellan Retrospective at the Guggenheim. Late night. Who’s going with me next Friday?


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