Rodarte for Opening Ceremony = I’d forgo buying books to be a fashion victim.

Now, you say, what would you wear them with?

YOU COULD WEAR THEM WITH ANYTHING. And you’d kind of have to because the cost of accruing a new outfit would just be death by credit card debt. Santa will not be bringing these. Maybe Santa’s evil twin, eBay, will in a few months when someone realizes they were an impulse purchase and they need to pay off their $9.3 billion credit card bill. Fingers, toes, ovaries crossed.

I can almost hear my brother’s voice in my head now: “Where the hell did you find those?”

Ok yeah, maybe they’re something Marie Antoinette would wear. WHATEVER. They’re friggin magical, and I would flounce around downtown in them any day. Just give me a pair. You’ll see.


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