Things to Get You Through the Weekend (I’ll Probably Look at This List A Few Times Myself While Procrastinating)

The weekend shall be filled with: NOTHINGNESS. That’s actually not true. But I blew my wad on the BOB SEGER concert at MSG Thursday night so now I am being punished with a weekend full of writing a research paper on the symbolism of the AT&T logo. There will be one quick reprieve when I go see Jeso in TPI’s Apologies (and other gray areas) on Saturday night, but then it will be crack-crack-cracking on the computer until Sunday night. If some tidal wave of inspiration washes over me and I finish early, I might go to the movies by myself to see Like Crazy and cry with a bag of popcorn and some Coca-Cola in the rear of the theater. Eymeric has been telling me to see The Artist so I can give his Frenchiness my American review, but I’m not entirely sure if my psyche can handle a silent film this weekend. Though judging by my review of the trailers of both of the films, they basically look like the same story line, and I will be crying either way.

Without further ado, because reading about my weekend will only entertain you for 3 seconds of the 30 it takes you to get through that terrible mess of a paragraph… Here’s my best list of links to entertain you until I can revive myself from a scholastic coma:

1. Gawker’s Visual History of White House Christmas Decorations

I already sent this to Cap’n Cara because I’ve been in the holiday mood to make her laugh every day.  As it turns out, whenever I find something funny, I just send it to her. It’s like having a non-related twin who finds the things you find funny, doubly funny.

2. barefootfoodie’s Naked Parenting

This shit’s funny.

While we’re talking about parenting, I found these yesterday while looking for Christmas gifts.

[image from pink puppy paper company]

I can’t wait until someone starts popping out babies so I can buy them for them. Any takers?


3.  What’s Happening To My Body? Book For Girls on Thought Catalog

I almost spit out my tea when I saw the word “vagine.” This is not for the weakhearted.


4. Judy Lewis, Secret Daughter of Hollywood, Dies at 76 from the NYT

 This is not funny at all, but I do love the Hollywood conspiracy behind it all. Celebrities could never pull this off now.

5. 6 Types of Faces People Make When Getting Their Picture Taken

Another beauty from Thought Catalog.


Don’t look at them all at once! Goddamnit. Savor the many hard worked minutes that it spent me to compile this high quality list!

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