This is what the weekend looked like.

In case you wanted to know what 2 pounds of chia seeds looks like, there it is. I bought it from Amazon for $12. It should last me through the winter, I would hope.

Earnest and I hung tough all weekend. And by that I mean, he pulled out every toy he has and brought it to me while I was trying to write my research paper. When I ignored him he would whimper, and then when I got up he would run under the coffee table. Men. We did take a few leisurely strolls and took a trip to the dog park, and while walking back we saw a very round woman with toothpick legs wearing a “Bagel Boss” shirt outside of a bagel shop, smoking a cigarette. She was a vision. I could almost taste the tofu cream cheese with a hint of menthol.

That was the sea bass I cooked for dinner on Saturday. It stunk up my entire apartment. The odor was cleaned out by the butternut squash I roasted in maple syrup last night. Every time I woke up during the night I could smell the sweet roasted scent. I prefer that to the scent of fish. Hard to believe, right?

Saturday night AS and I went to see Jeso in the show she produced. It was also IB’s 30th birthday, so we stayed for a cupcake and a beer and Jeso showed us the sword that IB was given for his birthday. I asked if we could fling it around but she said she wasn’t sure if it was sharp or not.

Productivity was not at its max this weekend. I got a good portion of the paper done, but it’s still not where it should be. That said, going to the movies and weeping in the back corner didn’t happen either. I have 11 days until the semester is over, so after that, I will definitely go to the movies several times and eat several bags of artery clogging popcorn all by myself.

That said, I sent out a survey last night to get popular opinion on the AT&T logo for my research paper, and have received SO MANY replies back. Not only are they insightful, they are also very funny which is an enormous feat considering the topic is not very interesting.

Highlights to come sometime this week.


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