Dear Sophie

AS sent this to me on Monday. I cried yesterday while I sat at my desk and watched it.

I thought maybe I was just being womanly and over emotional. But then I showed it to my mom, my cousin, AA and CB, and verified that AS had also gotten choked up when she watched it. I literally watched these people wipe tears away from their eyes.

The greatest qualifier of the choke uppedness was when I sent it to my dad and received this email back:

You silly Goose, you!

Let some cheap 3 minute production bring you to tears! Shameless! Get a hold of yourself! …………shit, I had to take my glasses off …….

How is it possible that the advertising people for Google Chrome really got to the punch in less than 3 minutes? EVERYONE has cried. Goddamn geniuses over there.

A few minutes later my Dad sent me this:

It’s “our” song. When I was a fussy baby he used to sing Stevie Wonder while bouncing me around and pacing back and forth in the living room. Let’s be honest, the singing is more humming and sounds like a robot trying to be melodic, but damn, it’s the best memory I have no recollection of.

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