Answers to My Survey

Like I said earlier this week, I got a ton of responses to my email survey I sent out about the AT&T logo.

This was the email I sent:

I’m writing a research paper on the symbolism of the AT&T logo for my Visual Perception class at school. Can you help me out?

All you need to do, is just answer these 5, tiny and totally subjective questions below. If you do, Santa might leave some gelt in your stocking this year. The current logo is attached for your reference. I will accept incomplete surveys! If you do choose to reply, I would so greatly appreciate having your responses by the end of this week.

First things first:

Your Name, Age & Profession:

1. What do you think the logo represents?
2. Do you like it/why do you like? Do you dislike it/why do you dislike it?
3. Is it successful? Or would you change it?
4. Does the logo remind you of anything?
5. Any additional comments, concerns, etc.

Ok, so I lied, there’s a photo of Earnest attached too. That’s just in case you need a cute face to motivate you to do this humongously great favor for me.

Here’s the image that I sent with it:

Oh yeah, and I also attached this photo of Earnest:

Top Responses to these otherwise not interesting questions (list numbers are arbitrary):

1) From my second father, a retired Jewish allergist:

“You are hanging around too many Jews.

Yes the logo is about gelt. The lines that taper down represent various races of people all over the worlds bank accounts. A.T.& T. wants to thin out everyone’s bank accounts going from left to right. In Hebrew going from right to left Jews are probably making money running A.T.&T. or owning stock in it. I happen to own lots of A.T.&T. stock which pays a 5+% dividend.”

2) From my man friend who identifies himself as a “bone fixer” and probably doesn’t understand the implications of calling himself that:

“I am sure if they put you in charge you would create a kick ass logo.”

Of course I would. (He’s getting on my good side.)

3) From DB:

“I know you used the word “gelt” to make sure I replied. Oh wait, look, it worked.

Your Name, Age & Profession:
-DB, (mumble mumble….) (ok, fine: 38!) Musician. Wordsmither.

I’m concerned that I also remember when they merged with Bell South, known as Ma Bell, back in the early ’80’s. As my grandma worked for Bell and she brought us all of these cool little Bell key-chains shaped like little pink telephones. I thought they were amazing and used them with all of my Star Wars action figures. I am rather sure I have one somewhere.”

4) Special delivery from Geneva from the Marketing Genius himself:

“5. Any additional comments, concerns, etc.

Should I send them a letter to consider you as their design manager focusing on the logo reinvention?

I want to make public in this email as well that all this inspiration came from the picture of Earnest, who really drove me towards the right conclusions.”

5) From my soul sister, who is also a design savant and educator:

“4. Does the logo remind you of anything?
shockingly no. but i am barely caffeinated.”

6) From my uncle (the one who thought animal crackers are dog treats):

“3. It is successful and I wouldn’t change it – sure better than that stupid Verizon (What’s that check mark??)”

7) From HAC who had an existential crisis while pondering the logo:

“4. The logo reminds me of a planet. Wait, do I actually think this reminds me of a planet? Or do I just think that because I already associate AT&T as a global networking company and so I think of a planet? I don’t know which came first.”

8 ) From my beloved Debo:

“Debo; 26; Part-time graduate student (MA, Media Studies); Full-time masochist.

1. I think the AT&T logo represents world domination: we “cover” every part of the globe. (Though everyone knows that’s not true. I can’t even have a five minute conversation with an AT&T customer in Bed-Stuy without having the call dropped).”

Greg also threw this line in at the end “Good luck on the paper, more then happy to proof.” I hope to god that was a typo. I guess I won’t be having HIM proof this paper.


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