Weekend in review

The Nutcracker was amazing. ABK saw my post on Friday and was so delighted that even though an entire month of Nutcracker performances makes ballerinas suicidal, that I am brought so much “goddamn joy.” I mean, what’s not to love? Megan Fairchild as the Dewdrop was just like, super whoah. Imagine the spunkiness of the Canary Fairy variation from Sleeping Beauty, mixed with my overwhelming love for Waltz of the Flowers. IMAGINE. Okay, maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you. Maybe just try to imagine that this was a really magical experience that I will not soon forget.

BUT REALLY… she was also super on her leg, which meant she could fouette for several minutes. That last part might be an exaggeration, but god, it was incredible. I saw Alina Cojocaru last spring when she was a guest artist with ABT, and her balance was insane. Without assistance she would just hang out in arabesque, on pointe, for several minutes [also an exaggeration]. There is something about seeing a dance do the impossible with such ease, that makes my heart leap. Also, the snow in the Snow Scene? Also magical. The whole show was just like, wow.

Not unlike the Google Chrome Dear Sophie people, the NYCB has nostalgia down to a science.

It was also decided Friday night that I am going to Hawaii for New Years. I initially thought I would have to be insane to go, and then, after thinking it over for a few nights, I thought, “you’re an idiot if you don’t go.” 7 days with my man friend, which is the most concentrated period of time that we’ve seen each other thus far, and if he doesn’t want to kill me by the end of it, then… well, good for me that someone can deal with me 24 hours a day for 7 days. We’re stopping in LA for 2 days, and then to Kauai. I return to New York sometime in January but it isn’t guaranteed that I just won’t run off and build a hut in the rainforest and start a Dharma Initiative type commune (Doug Hutchinson and his child bride will not be invited).

Saturday was Cunningham at BAM. And shit, that was good too! I’ve never seen Cunningham before, but AS knows all the insider info since she interned there for two summers during college. They were incredible. They performed three pieces, the second being RainForest, a piece inspired by Merce’s time in the Northwest. I wrote a research paper on this piece when I was in college for my Art History Since 1945 class (yeah, Debo, it was with Sachs!), and also analyzing Cave of the Heart which was a Graham/Noguchi collaboration. Andy Warhol designed the mylar pillows that float around. I’d never seen the actual piece, only photos. The pillows were awesome, they hovered mid air, the dancers interacted with them only in a way that was of coincidence, not some trite, forced bull shit. The last piece was Split Sides, in which everything is determined by rolling the die. Two music portions, one by Sigur Rós and the other by Radiohead, two sets of costumes, two sections, and some option of one dancer going first vs. another. I can’t remember all the details of the die rolling, but I do remember all the incredible dancers. Unreal balance and strength. Leaping, landing on one leg, and then doing something ridiculous like crouching down the ground with one leg still up, and then rising back up.

It was a weekend of real. good. dance.

But hey, THIS IS NOT A DANCE BLOG. So I’m going to stop talking about it. But really, ugh, what amazing dance. So inspiring. I am in fact so inspired, that when DB and I go to the deKooning exhibit at Moma next week, I am going to give him my best reenactment of the Cunningham show while in the galleries. Art + art. How could I fail? Other than looking like an enormous asshole at a pretty prestigious retrospective.

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing my research paper and making home made funfetti cupcakes. I taste tested so many spoonfuls of sugar that I was buzzing for several hours, as confirmed by my textual rant to DB last night at an hour that I usually spend meditating on ideas of Eric Northman turning me.

School’s over on Thursday. Then, I will drink some bourbon and be happy that for a month, I can go back to a somewhat more normal, more daylight and sleep filled life.


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