Just wanted to say hi.

It’s been a really long, cathartic week in which I actually experienced moments in which all I wanted was peace and quiet. I don’t usually think about wanting those things. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I think it’ll probably come to me later tonight when I throw Earnest a bone and then get in the bath tub. My brain has been so noisy and it’s not used to so much activity so it’s pretty tuckered out after this insane week. Hopefully it will not cease to auto-function for all those things that need to happen, like making my heart beat.

I’m glad the week is behind me.

This weekend coming up I’ve got a few things to do, none of which are school related (FUCKING YAY!):

– say good bye to Lucas Darling tonight by having several night caps
– Trevortin and I go to see the Catellan retrospective tomorrow morning
– tomorrow night my man friend and I are going out to celebrate my semester being over. He doesn’t know that we are also going to celebrate with this gold notepad I bought him the other day while I was perusing the aisles of A.I. Friedman. I mean, that thing is great. I kind of want one for myself.
– Sunday cakeface is having another one of our epic photo shoots in which there is either fake blood and cigars or sequined sweaters or maybe something new and exciting in which you will see only when I reveal photos next week
– Sunday night the kittehs are having lobster at Ditch Plains to celebrate our awesomeness and general happiness that all of our collective crazy weeks are over. The Hot Matriarch has kids though, so it seems like her life is going to be crazy until her children are off at college.
– Monday is the long awaited trek to MoMA with DB to see the deKooning retrospective. We blocked out the dates basically 3 months ago. I am not kidding. I’m also going to show him what I learned at the Merce show last week.
– Monday night I’m going to read. And read some more. And then read a lot more. It is going to be goddamn glorious.

Enjoy your weekend. Don’t get trampled by frantic holiday shoppers.


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