I only recently started reading Man Repeller, and can we really call it reading when I often have to go back and forth several times to reread sentences because let’s face it some of it is non sensical even to a person who adds “ish” and “ness” to the end of words to make them usable in sentences… this sentence is not Engrish and I’m ok with. ANYWAY. I have been following the hot debate now that MR is engaged.

I love how the internet spawns idiocy. I also love when people get upset about changes to their favorite internet spots, or their favorite internet celebrities. It’s entertaining and also, I love to see idiots with a voice. Nothing thrills me more than to know IDIOTS HAVE A VOICE ON THE INTERNET. I mean, that is basically the grounds for me having this blog. IDIOT HAS A VOICE.

Anyway, I love idiocy. But I also love things that are romantic, but also involve the f-bomb. See the comment below from one of the MR commenters:

Dear people,

If learning that Leandra is in a relationship with a man who diggs skirt-pant-peplums makes you feel cheated, lied to and (negatively) shocked, please do not despair and follow these simple steps:

1) Take a deep breath and count to ten before spewing out nonsense.

2) Read some of the sensible comments above which rightfully point out how the nature of this blog has nothing to do with the accurate recounting of… well anything except awesome fashion.

3) Put a bird on it. Put a bow on the bird.

4) Think how awesome it is that in this fucked up world, it is possible to find someone who loves you for who you are.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 until logic kicks in and all is well again.

6) If 5 doesn’t work, ask yourself: why am I such an angry flamingo? do I feel constipated? if yes, take a little trip to the white throne. If not start again.

You’re welcome.

#4 is my all time favorite thing that maybe I’ve ever read on all the internets in the world. I love thinking about love in a non-flowery way with expletives. Makes my heart warm and fuzzy and maybe melting my jaded ice facade a lil’ bit.


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