How rude of me. I never told you all about my fabulous weekend. HAHA!

Well. Here it is in pictorial form.

Lucas + me. Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim (x2). A notecard box I designed for sale at Paper Presentation (spotting things that I’ve designed hasn’t lost its cool coolness to me yet). And… drumroll… museum day with DB at MoMA. I’m wearing real fur next to a vegetarian! YEOW.

We went to see the deKooning retrospective on Monday. That shit was fabulous. SO incredibly awesome to see the progression of works from the beginning to end. Plus the sculptures! The sculptures! They looked like something coming to life from a swamp, but not in a bad guy way. They were just “that way.” There was 7, SEVEN galleries full of work. The last one was of his work before his death, which was all simplified, but still very deKooning. The gallery those were in were very open, presumably because everyone was still looking at the Women. It made me want to dance. And hey, maybe I made a little hop and leap here and there on the slippery floor. I didn’t bust my ass, don’t worry. I’m not that big of an asshole.

Other things that were not pictured: a celebratory evening out with Man Friend to pat myself on the back for living through the semester, a Harlem adventure on Sunday for cakeface photos, dinner with the Hot Matriarch and the kittehs at Ditch Plains, and wrapping my goddamn Christmas presents (not that interesting, for the record).

And… it’s almost the weekend again. YAY. And a 3 day weekend at that. Mreow. I wish every week was Christmas.

Let me assure you that bit about hoping it was Christmas every week has nothing to do with materialism, it’s just that I a) love Christmas Eve and b) I could always go for a Monday off from work.

The only thing standing between me and Kauai is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday. Let’s get this party started.


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