A good-bye letter to 2011.

[Ok, so I’ve been on vacation since Wednesday, but this little gem was a preconceived thought before I got on a plane. Forethought!]

Dear 2011,

We’ve had some good times. I loved you 50% of the time, and you didn’t do anything that permanently maimed me in any horrific way, so I think we can both move on knowing our time together is done and that quite frankly, your predecessor 2012, is already looking much more spritely than you ever were.

I’m sorry that we had to have some shitty hiccups, like parting with good friends and that whole getting mugged thing… but really, it’s all just made me more appreciative for the good things in life like my radical friends and family, the notion of unconditional love, and the fact that I am resilient. Am I patting myself on the back? Of course I am.

You gave me some really great things too. A new job, entrance into graduate school, new friends and some traveling that I will not soon forget.

And in the wake of your more destructive/red headed step child side, I came to realize that even though shitty things happen, shitty people exist, and shitty people do shitty things, that there are still a fuckload of things in this world to love. Earnest is one of them, and then there are still like 50,000,000 other things after that that you can love, but that dog is a tiny slice of slobberful heaven so I will start and end the list there.

So, 2011. I’ll remember you as a turn around year. One that started off not so great, had those moments like any mother has with her child throwing a temper tantrum in public, but went out with a bang. Like, a good bang, like a shotgun signifying the start of a race, not like, a shotgun being pointed at a person and a weapon of crime.

Out you go, in comes your more perky and skinnier replacement.

All my best,

[P.S. Happy effing new year! I love New Years! I love reading people’s resolutions and following up to see if they’re keeping up with them. I am one of those people that Extreme Makeover was made for.]


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