Best Phrases and Words I Would Like to Use More Often

In no particular order:

“She’s BEAT.”

I actually just used this phraseology for the first time in a long time this afternoon while emailing AS in regards to a BEAT girl.


Evan P. taught me what this meant when we were in high school while talking about somebody’s little sister. I think I called a baby a butterface while I was in Hawaii and SL told me “you can’t say that.”

“Bang it out.”

“Cunty.” interchangeable with “twatty.”

I didn’t think that one needed to be 90pt font.


As in, you tripped in fell and ate it. It’s best used in an exclamatory tone. “OMG, she tripped and ATE IT.”


And with this uplifting 30 second distraction, please enjoy your weekend.



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