Dreaming of Dogs.

I had a dream last night that a wounded dog showed up on my figurative doorstep. He was so cute and I was so ready to adopt him. He was like a pug/Golden Doodle/German Shepherd and he was awesome! It’s probably a really terrible sign that in my dream I thought “well, I already have one… having two dogs never killed anyone.” He looked something like that photo up there. He had a weird pug-ish tail. German Shepherd/pug mixes are actually called Shugs. I tried to understand the dynamics of a German Shepherd impregnating a pug, or a pug impregnating a German Shepherd and just couldn’t quite understand. It’s probably better that I don’t think about this too much today.

Earnest must have telepathic powers and didn’t want to be put second for some stupid wounded dog. I woke up this morning and he was laying on my pillow with his head pushed up against mine. I took a picture with one hand since he was laying on top of my other arm. The look on my face is not contrived. I was actually still half asleep when I took this and still had both my retainer and mouth guard in. Attractive!

FX PhotoStudio Image

  1. debmlong said:

    I LOVE when they put their little heads on PILLOWS. I am INSANE. I DON’T CARE.

    • That’s all he ever lies on. He commandeered one of the decorative pillows from the couch and now likes to lay on top of that, on top of the couch. This dog lives in the lap of luxury. Son of a bitch.

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