A Hard Day’s Night.

This actually wasn’t a blog post not related to the Beatles. This song makes my heart light even after a meat grinder of a week. A meat grinder as in, grinder that grinds meat, not a hoagie of delicious deli meats.

2 Great Things About An Otherwise Not Great Week:
1) I have a huge pile of new books. YAY. I LOVE BOOKS. Some are school, some are Strand shopping spree related and some are PRESENTS!
2) I got my fleece lined leggings in the mail this week. Winter running is ON. If I don’t ever write a blog post again it’s because I actually hated running in the cold so much I threw myself into the East River near that scenic point under the Williamsburg Bridge. KThanksbai. This was such an uplifting secondary note to this list! YAY.

I am actually going to sleep like a log tonight. Thanks, John, Paul, George, and Ringo.


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