Leading police to Cap’n Cara or her phone in the event of an emergency.

Again, why is this an email I'm getting?
I got this email fairly early on Saturday morning.
Cap’n Cara sent it. Do you see the message she sent with it?

In case I ever die or something, you are a good neutral person to lead police to my body or, at least, cell phone.

Does she know that I’m reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo right now? Does she f*cking know that I am incredibly paranoid about people hacking me now, and also paranoid about becoming a victim of a violent crime (this has always been a fear of mine, it’s not anything new)? She probably doesn’t know either of these things, but, I guess she has a sixth sense about me. Having a sixth sense about someone is actually way more intense than just knowing what book they’re reading and their greatest fear in life… I guess that’s part of the reason why she decided to set up this Find My Friends thing and why she is probably the only person who I will ever allow to follow me via this app.

Seeing as she actually has her own category in my gmail (see example above, I circled it many times in yellow!), it’s safe to say that she is a fixture in my life, and I will indeed accept her request to be a neutral person to lead the police to her body or cell phone. If anything ever happened to her, I could also accept a request to arm myself with a baseball bat and destroy whomever it was that put her in a situation where the police needed to be led to her.

[Uh, is it whomever or whoever? I never know. My English is not so good. I wish I had another language to fall back on that I had actually somewhat mastered.]


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