5 Things I’m Ultra Thankful for on this Tuesday night

1) My super radical friends who are clever and smart and beautiful and love to communicate with me on several levels of communication at any given time.

2) Earnesto! I am always thankful to have him. Every day. Even when I come home and he has ripped apart his dog bed.

3) Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, that has entertained me at desperate moments the past few days. Desperate meaning, I needed a break from schoolwork.

4) Melatonin, as I would never have fallen asleep and gotten meaningful rest on Sunday night without it.

5) This eye cream. Holy smokes. It reduces the likeliness that I look like I’m in a permanent squint after an unrestful night. How is it possible? I’m convinced the mentholy smell draws water from my puffy ass eyes. Also, I am pretty sure it is sprinkled with magic.


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