I’m Contemplating Going to India

Last week I was on Wikipedia reading up on the Taj Mahal. Sometime over the weekend I decided that I’m going to go to India. Not a small trip, or a small country. Needing some guidance from the interwebs, I started reading up on places you must visit in India. Common sense would indicate I could ask AA, who is FROM India, but at the time, the New York Times would do.

I’m convinced half of the forum is spammers, but then I stumbled across Comment #53:

Go to India because it makes you a better traveler. Nothing will test your patience more then an Indian rickshaw drivers. I just completed my second trip to India and I will definitely be returning, even though everything I’m there I wonder why I didn’t just stay home or do something disgusting like go to Florida.
— Sue, Manhattan NYC

Despite the blatant typo of “everything” when it should have said “every time”, I still lol’d when I read it. It’s probably truthful too. I don’t think India is probably an “easy” trip.

Immediately after deciding I am going to plan a solo trip to India, I read on the State Department’s website “U.S. citizens, particularly women, are cautioned not to travel alone in India.” While weighing the options of doing something vs. not doing something, I decided I have dark hair and am 75% sure that I have been mistaken for being Northern Indian at least twice in my life. These odds mean I have deemed it safe for me to travel alone to India.

I’ll see you in March.

Just kidding. This intelligent being also decided August would be the only month in 2012 in which I would be available to go away for more than a few days. Do you know how hot it is in India in August? Not as hot as July. But still. This trip is already full of intelligence.


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