Be Happy. Be Happy. Bee Happee.

HAC sent this to me today. Honestly he talks really fast, and I had a lot of work to do, so I basically had the Cliff Notes version of this. The only thing I remember is that you should spend 2 minutes thinking about happy things so you can stop being so negative. So you, Ellen, can stop being so negative.

Here’s my 2 minutes and what I came up with:

1) Ethan sent a group text today that said “I want to see Elle!” I haven’t seen him since school ended in December, so. Oh goodness, that made my day.
2) Earnest and I went running after work today. He kept looking back at me with his ears glued to his head like “hey ma, look! I can run so fast, while looking backwards, and not trip! YOU SUCK, YOU SLOW BITCH!” : ))))
3) That double chinned monster is what DB and I call the Buddha emoticon.
4) I’m blanking.
5) SHIT. This is like a pop quiz!
6) I saw this tiny Asian woman running in heels across 5th Ave this morning. I actually thought it was my boss, and was so amused. Unfortunately it was not my boss, but I told her about the incident anyway.


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