Something to be proud of.

“Since you’re the expert – have you tried these yet? I almost bought them last night bc they were 2 for $5 but I went with the original nacho cheese.”

That’s right. I’m an expert of MSG flavored foods. WHAT OF IT!? I love Doritos. I also like those lime flavored corn chips, but not as much as I like Doritos.

I’m sure everyone that reads this now has a horrified look on their face. “How can that be!?” I don’t know. I love vegetables and work out every morning. I don’t know how I could love a food which at its base, under a few layers of modified seasoning and colored MSG, is basically white and turns into sludge. There are some things in life I’ll never understand. My greatest suspicion is that Doritos are laced with crack and some sort of Prozac-like narcotic.


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