Deep Thoughts For Saturday Afternoon

I got a little sidetracked while trying to work on my storyboard.

So I went online window shopping. I’m actually on a quest to find an orange midi skirt that will look awesome and not matronly or on the other end of the spectrum, slutty, but that has yet to happen so now I’ve just moved onto looking for pants.

I came across these, pictured above.

Color is awesome. Belt sewn onto pants? Seems a bit 1995 and like the pants should also zip up the back. But, overall, I like these pants. Then I saw the back.

The model modeling these pants is probably 5’8″, 115lbs, and has no ass. That photo is what her ass looks like in these pants. If her ass looks that fat, what the hell will the rest of our mortal asses look like in these pants? I am tempted to buy them out and burn them all in a field somewhere. Seriously. Those pants will not get anybody anywhere in life. I would be doing the female world a favor.


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