Good-bye, today.

Today was not great. An existential crisis about how it is even possible that people get together and stay together blew my mind around 6am, followed by some light depressive therapy in which some of the people I love the most told me how not great things are with them, and then I just wondered in general if I know ANYONE who is totally LOVING shit right now… and I couldn’t actually think of anyone, which kind of just made me want to crawl into a hole with my fleece bathrobe for a while.

Tomorrow’s the full moon, I am hoping shit gets itself unbackwards soon. I’m also hoping I find the initiative to shave my legs soon. It’s getting bad. I’d show you a picture but it would be shameful. I hope I’ve repulsed at least half of you by now by showing you how attractive I am.

Despite all this, unshaved legs and all, I am trying super hard to be optimistic and be all YEAH! and less UGH. It didn’t work. Even thinking about Madonna almost falling off the bleacher at half time last night didn’t make me smile. I’m in a bad way.

BUT! I found new music today. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. It is a funktified mix of many things. Videos are here for your listening pleasure. It soothes my soul in a way that only the Danish (or A Danish pastry) can. That last video there is for a song Apple used for an iPod commercial. [ Also ok, but right now we’re NOT going to talk about how I missed their NYC show on January 31 because at the time I didn’t know they existed. Yeah nope, not talking about it.]

Ok sorry, I love this song too.

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