My Valentine’s Day Poll

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. I’m taking a poll, how many of you want to a) kill yourself/others on this day, and how many of you are b) just treated so perfectly by your significant other that you wish Valentine’s Day was every day?

I’m not one to gamble but $10 says people both in and out of relationships choose option A. Personally, I would not choose either of these options, as I will be happily ensconced in both work and school and will get home at an hour where most people are either being seduced or screaming at each other in a volume that isn’t quite loud enough for me, their neighbor, to hear quite everything they’re saying.

My mom told me the other day “…just as long as you don’t become cynical about dating.” I looked at her and squinted. “What? BECOME cynical? You are kidding me, right?”

[that heart is actually a cake, via Lily Vanilli. PLEASE GET ME ONE.]


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