When Command + Z isn’t an actual command

You know you spend too much time in front of the computer when you haphazardly do something irreversible in real life and then say “SHIT. GODDAMNIT. I NEED COMMAND Z!”

I do it all the time. I’m cutting things out of paper and take too much of a slice. SHIT. GODDAMNIT. I NEED COMMAND Z. Or you accidentally tweeze that critical eyebrow hair and all of a sudden your entire face is lopsided.

These are the moments I could use a little “Undo Last Action.” Maybe by the time my children have grandchildren, this sort of manipulation of time will be possible. Or… maybe my children will procreate with more intelligent droids who don’t ever make mistakes.

[that there photo is actually a necklace that I would wear. I found it on Etsy and favorited it like 5,000,000 months ago.]


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