I hope to gd this isn’t happening to me.

I’ve been having trouble spelling lately.

I don’t think it’s anything major. I was writing an email to B earlier in the week and couldn’t remember how to spell “inoculate.” I haven’t forgotten how to spell basic words, and let’s face it, I just will never be able to learn how to spell “occasion” the right way.

I recently started reading Oliver Sack’s “The Mind’s Eye.” I haven’t even gotten through the first chapter, but the first story is about a concert pianist, Lillian, who finds herself unable to read music or words, or to identify many objects around her. She struggles to identify a photo of scissors, can’t read the labels of spices in her kitchen.

Naturally, I am convinced I am being struck down with this associative problem that Lillian has. So far it hasn’t hindered my ability to write short, grammatically incorrect blog posts.


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