Jessica Simpson Drinks McCallan 18.

I hate to spoil this all by putting the kicker in the title, but I am in shock.

I read this article yesterday, which describes how Jessica Simpson discovered she was pregnant. Bottom line, she was full of guilt about a planned binge drinking activity and then couldn’t understand why she felt guilty, and took a pregnancy test.

And no, we don’t need to discuss WHY I am reading

Anyway, in the article, she discusses how she couldn’t imagine giving up her McCallan 18.

I had to read that sentence over a few times because I thought I read it wrong. The name Jessica Simpson is not synonymous with McCallan 18. I do, in fact, stereotype people. And nowhere in my stereotyping of Jessica Simpson did scotch ever appear.

This bothered me so much, that I actually told the entire story to B, AS, and Neil on Friday night. They all looked at me like I had a third head. I imagine my admission to reading was the more disturbing detail for the three of them.

But really? Just think about Jessica Simpson drinking McCallan on the rocks. It’s like trying to picture a baby smoking a cigar. Actually, it’s not all that difficult to envision the latter. Maybe I just have problems.

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  1. This is shocking to me and I fight very hard to not stereotype … but I just can’t imagine this. Not at all.

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