Catching up.

Surprisingly, the time change hasn’t adversely affected me.

I woke up without much trouble this morning, and actually had an excellent run with E-money along the East River. Mid-run my heart rate monitor battery started to die, and it told me my heart was beating 45 beats per minute. This would have been really cool if it were actually true and my heart rate was not quadruple that and I was not panting like a broken dog.

First things first. In regards to my post about the delivery boy screaming a sexist remark at me, Erin asked what my poopy diaper face looks like.

This is what it looks like.

This is my poopy diaper face.

Do I have any qualms about posting unflattering photos of myself on the internet? Absolutely not. Here we can laugh about how people always say “Elle! You’re so photogenic.” God, they have no idea HOW photogenic.

Secondly. Last week was full of fun things. Thursday I saw Batsheva at BAM, followed by an excellent dinner at Olea. Friday AS and I had a date at Kennedy’s, which was really like a country club in a retirement home. Decor = country club, clientele = they were all wearing hearing aids. Following that, we joined forces with B, and went to see Young the Giant at Terminal 5, where I ran into Mikey, who I have not seen in some absurd amount of time, and he was just casually standing in front of me at the concert. This world is small.

Saturday was Brecht’s birthday. We dined. And then there was a surprise bar thing at Revival. I could not understand for the life of me why they keep the lights on so damn bright upstairs. And it was also hot as hell. But he was surprised! And everyone was hungover the next day. Well, except for me because watered down vodka sodas were a plenty and I had rehearsal Sunday morning. Rehearsal was followed by a Roquefort burger and then a 3 hour nap, followed by a cupcake for dinner and watching The Hangover curled up on the couch with Earnesto. Aren’t I just a picture of health?

This week is “spring break.” I say this because I took a trip to school today to meet with my advisor, and tomorrow night I have class anyway. That will be followed by the rest of the week off from work. I need a break, plus Cindy Sherman and Debo have been calling my name.


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