In the market.

I decided last night that I would like a bear skin rug.

Well, it’s not easy to find photos of those on the internet, so I’m settling with a buffalo hide. I am not in the market to be decorating an apartment with a wild animal fetish, unfortunately.

How luxurious does that look? And at that price, I should be able to buy one sometime next year if I just stop spending money on expensive foam core to create mock up furniture with. Basically, in order to obtain any fur rug, one must drop out of graduate school. Who needs higher-higher education if you could just roll yourself up like a burrito in the skin of something that used to be alive and live out on the street like a real conceptual artist?

Speaking of conceptual, this is an aside, but, I’ve been looking for a book on creative conceptualization. Does anyone know of any?


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