Day After the Day After the Day

Last week I had some long winded post planned about how yesterday was the happy anniversary of my divorce. It sounded bitter so I threw it out because who needs that. I mean, really.

The past few weeks I’ve been noticing an increase of Facebook relationship status changes. And not in a good way. Every time I see the news, my heart breaks a little bit. Not so long ago I had a day where I felt all relationships were doomed. I at least don’t feel in crisis anymore, but I do look around sometimes and wonder how anyone stays together anymore. It makes me sad.

I can and will admit I did not have any freaking idea what I was doing when I got married. I mean, I thought, here, I have a person that I feel this love for, I trust him and have faith in him and we’re gonna make it, goddamnit. Looking back, I was a woman child who didn’t have the slightest clue how fucked up shit can get.

I thought long and hard about if it would be weird to post wedding photos. I decided there are way weirder things to be doing, and besides, I never did anything with my wedding photos because everything was going down the pooper by the time I got them. I never look at my wedding photos, but going through them this weekend made me feel strange, like I was rehashing a dream I had a million years ago. Given that I’ve lost a friend and a sister in law, HAC is the only person in this photo that I still speak to, and that feels weird enough… never mind the mind blowingness that I was standing in front of 100 people affirming my commitment to some assclown.

Hey! Yeah, that was a little bitter lash out. BUT WHATEVER. I made it to the 4th paragraph without being a cold hearted bitch.

This seems like an appropriate time to make a shout out to the people I love the most. Thank you for being there when shit was rough. Thank you for being there when shit isn’t rough, and thank you for knowing that I am more awesome as a divorcee than I was as a single woman, and most definitely more awesome than I was as a miserable married person. Hallelujah, etc etc. As Jackowitz once said, “sorry about the relationship going in the pooper but hayyyyy new york you are single again!”


  1. I love you, always, and admire your humor so much (especially in the last year). Keep writing like this and you will get through anything.

    (I am posting on here because this feels too personal-ish for FB, plus, as part of a half-ass Lent, “wait, I don’t do Lent!,” mental spring cleaning or whatever, I (will try) to give up FB for a little while. Maybe a week or two. You know, I need that “clarity.”


  2. Debo, I love you. We can get through anything. Even Lent.

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