My aunt sent my uncle this photo today.

My aunts, uncles and father in Paris, 1954.

It’s all 6 of my grandparents children (my father, and his siblings) sprawled out in Paris, eating ice cream, in 1954. HAC and I looked at it forever today. I just kept looking at them, in awe. Those old people were that little once? They all look so little, and so happy.

Just like me, in this photo that HAC dug up a while ago.

That's me, age 8 or so.

I look like the most pissed 7 year old ever.

P.S. Thanks for all your loving on yesterday’s post. It makes my heart feel good. Like, really good.

  1. I know that girl is you because of the way the hand is dangling over the lap-“yeah, I look like I don’t care, but I am plotting something far more fabulous.” That’s what I love! 🙂

  2. HAHA. Yes, at age 7 I was already honing in on my cynicism and lethargy bit, Debo!

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