Gifting underwear.

The Hot Matriarch gave the kittehs underwear from Lululemon for Christmas this year.

We were all very excited because she also packed a little cupcake shaped lip gloss into the bundle of thong-age, and we thought that was very cute.

Anyway, she prefaced the gift by saying “I never get to shop for girls, and besides, I’m very particular about underwear. This stuff is like you’re not even wearing any.”

When she said that I was like “ok” but in my mind I was like “we’ll see about that!”

She was NOT kidding. Every time I put mine on I’m thinking, “holy shit, the Hot Matriarch was SO right. It’s like I’m not wearing any underwear!” Subsequently, I think this multiple times throughout the day when I am forced to make the decision to get up from my desk to use the restroom instead of peeing my pants.

Thank you, HM. You’ve changed my life.

And thank you, freedom of speech, for letting me so freely right about how free I feel in my trousers.

And for the second time this week I say… AMEN.


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