Can someone please have a baby?

Friends, I’m not condoning getting knocked up just to make me happy, but seriously, someone have a baby so I can buy you some of these prints for your nursery.

AA loves baby animals, her favorite pastime is googling “baby animals.” This generally only elicits a half hearted “aw” from me and then I leave her office. My maternal instinct just oozes out of me, I know!

I guess I should start collecting these things. I’ve still got these babies on the mind after writing about them in December. Ironic things for babies make me gleeful. Some people don’t seem to understand the hilarity in them, and think that the baby will be offended by the sarcasm. Um hi, BABIES CAN’T READ. If I am changing shitty diapers and dealing with baby vomit I will most definitely need a dose of some upright irony.

Prints by Sharon Montrose are available on 20×200.

  1. I would think none the less of you if you had those prints in your own home … they’d make fine kitchen decor. Not so great in the bathroom, though.

  2. I would, unquestionably, put these in my house. How could you resist??

  3. @transparent guy & nothing hurt: you know, I may have to invest. They are really cute. Unfortunately, the 8x10s are sold out, so I’d really have to step it up to the 11×14. Those would be rather large as set, wouldn’t they?

    ericrynne: ohhhhh, I was hoping someone would have something clever to say about these.

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