Photos from the weekend.

Sue me. This wasn’t actually from the weekend. This is from Thursday when New York was in all its loveliness. It’s that library on 6th Ave and 10th street.

My new personal challenge is always to imitate Earnest’s faces. Is it working? Is it working?

Trevortin pointed this tree like a face out in New Haven on Saturday.

Right after the tree shot, I made him stand on the sidewalk and look wistfully into the distance. I may note, he was likely looking at the humongous, ugly, AT&T logo on the front of the AT&T building in New Haven.

Country shot.

He stole this face from me.

Drop crotch harem pants and a chihuahua. This is DThom pre-show. A few minutes later she told me I have airbrushed armpits. I’ve never been so strangely flattered.


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