5 Things that light me up when shit’s rough.

This week’s not been easy. But hey! It’s only Tuesday! By the end of this week things could be even worse. Chin up, my dear!

1. Thinking about this entry on Don’t Call Me Oscar.

2. Mike Montiero’s artwork on 20×200.

3. I was reading up on Cup of Jo the other week and LOL’d at this post slightly mocking how being two years old is so tough. Then I saw this tumblr on how being two is hard via swiss miss yesterday. I love when the interwebs align. And yes, being two is tough! I friggin’ feel like I am living the terrible twos right now even though I am going on 2-7.

4. I flip through Gemma Correll’s “notebook“.

5. And when all else fails, AS’s minion screams “cakeface” in my little ears, I go a little deaf, and then this video is on repeat like 10 times.


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