Tuesday is a good time to update.

My long absences aren’t necessarily intentional, but, as I posted on Facebook the other day “It takes a few solid hours, just a thousand longing, thoughtful, wistful stares into outer space and approximately all of my will to live to really get the creative juices flowing. Motivational speaking is definitely in the stars for me.” I’ve been busy! Coming up with mediocre ideas for school projects and then having to play them out and live them every day because that’s what you do. There’s no time for creative contemplation! Just work, bitch, work!

My agnostic self had a lovely Easter with my little rabbit of a dog (and B, and his family). I also saw Annie and Christina last weekend, who are college friends, and I have not seen in far too long. The last time I saw Annie she had long long hair. This time she had short hair, and did a solo which involved both fouettés AND gold sequined pants. If I’ve ever seen someone throw a bunch of random shit together and actually make a 20 minute solo that I can relate to and laugh about and maybe even get a little sentimental about, it is Annie.

Annie's Fur

This is Annie. This photo is from December 2005. We went to a “Santy Panty” party and Annie came with no pants on, and had fur on. I am so endlessly entertained just reminiscing about it.

Anyway, getting to hug people you haven’t seen in ages: awesome. And we all know I’m not exactly an effusive hugger.


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