Eff that Betty Draper, I want to be a Joan.

This is familiar to me. In the height of Sex and the City, the roommates of 1704 would sit around the coffee table with an ashtray and chain smoke through an entire episode. Generally at the end of the episode, the trio concluded that Tony Coleslaw was either Samantha Jones or Miranda Hobbes, depending on whether he was eating that week or not.

In place of a show based on nothing other than Sarah Jessica Parker being modest in bed by wearing a bra, but openly wearing belly shirts in public, I have converted to Mad Men. Are you wondering, “is she saying that Mad Men is equivalent to Sex and the City?” I am not, but the feeling is the same. In 2003 everyone wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. I am pretty certain, prior to Betty Draper/Francis getting depressed and gaining 10-40 pounds, every woman wanted to be Betty Draper/Francis too. An uninteresting, frigid mother of three she was, but she was also skinny and had awesome clothes.

How hot did she look in that episode where her and Don go to Rome?


Now no one wants to be Betty because they have her in a fat suit. At least we think. Last week AS and debated whether or not the previous week’s episode of Betty Draper getting out of the tub was actually her or she was wearing a fat suit. AS said “there is no way on earth her agent/manager would allow her to gain that much baby weight. Her double chin was fantastic though, I caught myself with my mouth agape several times throughout that episode.”

In any case, I was never one for Betty’s attitude. But god, I do love Joan. Joan with the awesome work outfits and the bright red hair! She’s also sassy. And Roger Sterling bones her. And Roger Sterling is a hot silver fox. What’s not to love? Other than that she marries that loser idiot, Greg…

SPOILER ALERT: I am about to declare my love for Joan based on last week’s episode so if you haven’t watched it and I am going to be personally making you want to gouge your eyes out by telling you what happened, TURN AWAY NOW. Please, turn away.

I especially loved Joan last week when she told her rapist, controlling and manipulative husband to get the fuck out and never come back. She looked hot in a robe while doing so, which is a bonus. If I had to choose between being Betty Draper Francis in her skinny days or being Joan Holloway on a bad day, I’d pick Joan Holloway. Hands down.

But hey, I haven’t watched the latest episode, so dear god, do NOT leave a comment about whatever happened in this week’s episode.

[photos from masslive.com via amctv and amctv]

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